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TG-D (Disc)

TG-D has been developed for spinal disc regeneration and involves allogeneic (donor) cells utilized for the treatment of degenerative disc disease, a condition caused by the deterioration of discs that serve as shock absorbers in the spine. Deterioration is typically observed in the lower back and neck region and limits the spine’s ability to bend, flex and twist. As with many orthopedic conditions, therapies with the ability to treat the actual causes of this condition are currently unavailable. TissueGene is in the process of developing TG-D to repair damaged spinal discs and alleviate the pain associated with this disease. In collaboration with the Spine Institute (Santa Monica, CA), a feasibility efficacy study for TG-D in a rabbit model of disc degeneration has been completed with additional animal studies currently in progress.

Technology Platform: Cell therapy
Function: Spinal disc regeneration
Indication: Degenerative disc disease
Development Stage: Preclinical